Narrow Head + Bloodmoon

13/12/2021 7:00 pm -
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“a catchy dose of '90s shoegaze and grunge worship” BROOKLYN VEGAN


Just off the heels of Narrow Head’s 2020 highly acclaimed Run For Cover debut they’ve announced the reissue of their first full-length, Satisfaction — the album that changed everything for the burgeoning Texas underground band. Satisfaction was an unofficial progression, a signal that Narrow Head was coalescing around a vision for their band and their music. Narrow Head are best known for their wall of riffs and deceptively sweet pop melodies. In just a few years they quickly amassed a devoted following for their standout live performances and open-hearted, emotionally naked songwriting which can be heard even throughout their very early recordings.

“the album contains traces of everything from “Evenflow” to “Champagne Supernova” to various squealing Loveless tracks, Narrow Head working their way across old Lollapalooza posters and KROQ playlists while still cohering into a recognizable signature sound.” STEREOGUM

“Behind their overt shoegaze and grunge revivalism, the Houston rock band finds careful guitar melodies, sensitive vocal deliveries, and earnest earworms.” PITCHFORK

“90s fans, Narrow Head ​are here so you no longer need to pretend that any of the Helmet, Quicksand or Smashing Pumpkins reunion material is actually good.” DECIBEL

“Acclaimed for their shimmery pop melodies and feedback-soaked shoegazery, the quintet evoke the bittersweet alt-rock of Smashing Pumpkins, Nothing and their ilk.” REVOLVER

“…their combination of nu-metal and ’90s grunge makes for pleasurable sonic immersion” PASTE

“Narrow Head is one of the decade’s earliest to experiment with the infusion of shoegaze with punk and post-hardcore.” DALLAS OBSERVER

“a catchy dose of ’90s shoegaze and grunge worship” BROOKLYN VEGAN

“As the album title suggests, truly is a world of its own – and its emotional weight and power will transport you, whether you like it or not, into the darkest parts of Jacobs mind, as well as your own.” KERRANG!
“heady, fuzz-covered space rock” NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS

“For an album whose influences are so explicit, 12th House Rock still manages to feel vibrant, breathing life into an established sound.” METAL HAMMER (UK)

“The shoegaze label that stuck to the band at the beginning has largely been lost” VISIONS (DE)
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