Sprinters // Betty Kendrick // Dons Skiffle

21/09/2017 8:00 pm -
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PRE Presents: Thursday Night Sessions with Sprinters, Betty Kendrick & Dons Skiffle


Celebrating the BEST breakthrough bands of 2017.

PRE Presents: Thursday Night Sessions with;


Sprinters (Manchester)

Sprinters are a Manchester 4 piece we discovered via Piccadilly Records. Having performed with the likes of Horsebeach and having MIMR’s tag “2017 Album Of The Year” we’re delighted they’re kicking off their tour with PRE at Bootleg.

”Superb this. Jangly, heartfelt summer anthems brimming with intimacy and soul. Hazy swooners, shimmering rockers and all imbued with the influences of Manchester’s musical history past and present. Brilliantly reminiscent but original to the end, an essential purchase.’ Piccadilly Records


Betty Kendrick (Blackpool)

Betty Kendrick is a singer-songwriter from the North West of England with a hauntingly memorable sound. Combining dark folk with elements of blues and soul, Kendrick’s characteristic cadence and deep voice complements a guitar style that flips from defiant chords to intricate fingerpicking and back again

“Like Ray Lamontagne and Portishead had a baby.” – Drunk man in a bar, 2017


Dons Skiffle (Lincon/Manchester)

Dons Skiffle is a character created by Connor Mackessy, having originally started off as a drummer in Lincon he realised he had a knack for songwriting and moved to Manchester to study music. Having released a few albums independently Dons is close to fulfilling his dream of playing in Blackpool.



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