Kashmere + guests

10/09/2021 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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British indie pop quartet Kashmere formed from suburban Manchester towns


British indie pop quartet Kashmere formed from suburban Manchester towns, England. Started by friends Joey Newey (vocal, guitar) and Andy Law (drums), the band later accumulated Charlie Cole (lead guitar) and Freddie Hughes (bass).

From 2016-2017 Kashmere cultivated their sound from explosive indie releases – 2016 debut ‘Blow Your Mind” , to 2017’s stadium sized ‘Porcelain”. 

2018 saw Kashmere embellish their sound further, with the addition of deep electro single “Codeine’ , the band had turned the page on their early Indie Rock roots. Kashmere went on to release shimmering synth driven ‘Tokyo” before jet setting off to play a unique tour in Japan’s cultural neighbour, China.

The band stunned with modulating-future disco effort ‘Anaesthesia’ Kashmere’s 6th single to welcome massive appraisal from Spotify playlists such as The Indie List, Hot New Bands, All New All Now and New Music Friday UK. Kashmere signed 2019 off with the release of debut EP “Lucid” which has combined over 750,000 steams.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Kashmere weren’t to let the dark period of isolation harm their creative ascension, releasing “Flatten the Curve” EP in May 2020. The EP is a concept experimental sound, whilst honing in everything we know about Kashmere’s almost effortless sense of writing catchy hooks

Support from George Alexandre & Sugarstone


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