12/06/2022 7:00 pm -
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Sydney alt rock band, for fans of The DMA's, The Lemonheads & Oasis


Despite their celestial namesake, PLANET are undeniably down to earth. An emerging 4-piece recording independently from lead singer Matty’s home studio in Redfern, inner-city Sydney, PLANET are circulating both locally and internationally, bringing Australian alternative rock influences together with instantly-appeasing and familiar elements of Brit-pop. Comparisons with the vocal stylings of UK indie legends Oasis as well as fellow Sydney-based wave-makers DMA’S further compliment the band’s musical merits. Theirs is the music of a modern nostalgia; sweeping melodies and chords rooted in the fabric of earnest musical dues that take their cues from icons from Johnny Marr to The Lemonheads to Ringo Starr and Chrissie Hynde. PLANET are sure to continue drawing in a solid following.


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