Tokky Horror

03/02/2023 7:00 pm -
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Unhappy hardcore trio Tokky Horror play Blackpool as part of Independent Venue Week.


In the words of Clash Magazine “Proudly claiming to “not be making electronic music any better, just making punk music worse”, Tokky Horror are defined by a reluctance to take anything seriously, sights focused solely on having a good time. They’re scrappy, they’re energetic, and the set rouses movement within every member of the crowd. If they’re making punk ‘worse’, then maybe ‘worse’ punk is where it’s at.
Forming across a triangle of Leeds, Birkenhead & Bristol, the founding members of Tokky Horror hadn’t met each other before the band signed their first record deal. The punk collective formed during a pandemic, sending demo’s back and forth online to entertain themselves, coining the tounge-in-cheek genre tag “virtual hardcore”. As founder Ava Akira states “the only way for city kids to rave in 2020 was on the internet”.
Sonically the band is exactly how you would imagine that to sound. As frustrated thrash riffs juxtapose hyperactive old school jungle breakbeats, producer Zee Davine (previously of Queercore outfit Queen Zee) sets squelching 303 baselines against the dual attack of vocalists Mollie Rush and Ava Akira.
Support from Audiofactory DJ’s and more guests TBA


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